gray art

November Freebie!

It’s time for a new freebie! This month’s freebie is a recent design. You can grab it on my freebies page.


It’s good to get out of one’s comfort zone. I’m playing around with less repetitive pattern designs and seeing where it takes me…

This is available as an art print or on phone/tech cases and home decor etc. in my Society6 shop.

Beautiful Grey

I love grey! I probably overuse it in my design work but I just find it to be so perfect.

This is design #001-grey available as instant download printable art in my Etsy shop.


Layering is such a great way to play around with these designs and experiment. I took an enlarged crop of the grey design and then layered the pink and teal design on top.

These are instant download printable designs 003-grey with 001-pink and 001-teal. All available in my Etsy shop.

A Perfect Pair

I have a lot of fun picking combos of prints. As always a neutral and a bright is one of my favorite mixes.

This is instant download printable design #003 in pink and grey both available in my Etsy shop.

The Quiet Minimal Elegance of Grey

This is design 001 – grey available for instant download from my Etsy store