Warm and Cool Gradients

Here are my two latest designs in a nice mix of warm and cool colors.

These are instant download designs #016a (cool colors) and #016b (warm colors) both available in my Etsy shop.

For those who don’t wish to print themselves, I’m starting to add all my designs to Society6. Now you can get a high quality print or get my designs on other items like phone cases, totes & mugs. You can get the cool color version of this design in my Society6 shop. I’ll be adding the warm color version asap as well as the rest of my designs.

September Freebie of the Month

It’s the first of the month so your rent or mortgage may be due but I’ve also got a FREEBIE for you!

This month I’m also including a custom cropped version of the design. Hope you enjoy!

You can download these on my FREEBIES page.